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What exactly is Traffic Punk?
Traffic Punk is a manual traffic exchange. This means that you can generate (or purchase) traffic credits that can be used to put your website in front of lots of people. You generate traffic credits by purchasing them or by viewing websites belonging to other members. The other members are also surfing the exchange and will be viewing your website in return. You can literally generate hundreds or even thousands of quality page views here at Traffic Punk.
How do I begin?
Once you have added some websites and banners you wish to promote, simply click on the start surfing button on the left hand site and begin viewing websites for traffic credits. You can later assign these traffic credits to your websites and banners.
Can I sign up for more than one account?
No. You are allowed a maximum of one account. Signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain additional credits is considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all traffic credits and your direct referrals.
Are there other ways of getting visitors to my sites besides surfing?
Absolutely. You can either purchase traffic credits, exchange them for banner/text link impressions, or refer new members and earn residual traffic from your direct referrals.
How many website visitors can I get if I view 100 sites?
At Traffic Punk, we have a Dynamic surf ratio. This means that the more websites you view, the greater the traffic credits and rewards you can get in return, so it pays to be active. Free members start with a 3:1 ratio. (.33) After 100 website views, it becomes (.44) Premium and Super members start with a 1:1 ratio. (1.0) After 100 website views, it becomes (1.25) *In addition to this, all members receive various bonuses on the bonus pages that appear while surfing.
What is Auto-Assigning?
Auto assigning means that traffic credits generated by surfing and from your direct referrals are automatically applied to the url(s) that you have listed. It is at 25% and you can spread that 25% auto-assignment across multiple sites. For example, 10% on site 1, 15% on another, etc., You may also auto-assign 100% to your URLs if you wish.
Can my website contain more than one pop-up?
No. We allow a maximum of one popup and it must not interrupt surfing in any way. Please review our Terms of service for more info.
Do you allow rotators?
Yes we do, provided that they do not contain websites that are against our terms of service. We also provide a free rotator here at Traffic Punk for all members :) Check out the "Promote Traffic Punk" link in the menu for more info.
What happens if I run out of traffic credits?
Once you run out of traffic credits, your site(s) is/are no longer displayed. You can continue to generate more traffic credits by surfing or you may purchase some at any time by clicking the "Buy Credits" link in the main menu.
What is the 'Report Site' link?
This feature is in place to help us keep Traffic Punk nice and clean for our members. You can use this link to report any websites that might violate our Terms of service or notify us if a site is having problems. We take site reports seriously to ensure the best possible surfing experience.
Can I change my password?
Absolutely. Just click the "Edit Account Details" link on the main menu and you'll be able to change your info at any time there.
Does Traffic Punk have a referral program?
Yes we do. All members can earn generous affiliate commissions on upgraded memberships purchased by their direct referrals. Details are on the "Upgrade Account" link in the main menu. Great For Traffic Seekers And Affiliates Alike!
Where can I find my referral link?
You can access your referral links and the affiliate toolbox by clicking the "Promote" link in the main menu.
Why can't I delete my site?
Your site can't be deleted until all of your (Auto-Assigned) percentages have been removed from that website. You have to set that site to zero before deleting it but only after adding another URL. You can do this from the "Assign Traffic" area. Alternatively, you can use the "Edit" feature to change the URL to something else. A minimum of 25% auto-assign is required for Free members.
I keep getting logged out when I surf
This site requires cookies and javascript. Please be sure that both are fully enabled in your browser's security settings so that your surf sessions remain uninterrupted.
Why do I keep getting 'Invalid Click' Errors while surfing?
The surfbar at Traffic Punk will not function properly if your browser has its zoom or text zoom feature enabled. To correct this, do the following: For FIREFOX: Press and hold CTRL while pressing 0. For INTERNET EXPLORER: Press and hold CTRL while pressing the * key.
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